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    If you’re looking for vaccinated movers in Dubai during the COVID-19 circumstances, you’ve come to the right place. Then you don’t have to be concerned since vaccinated movers (uniquehomemovers) will make your relocation go as smoothly as possible. What are the benefits of using Unique home movers? Examine the following points:

    Interim Recommendations for COVID-19 Prevention in the Workplace. Dial Now

    When Dubai’s public health officials confirm community transmission, these procedures take effect. Asymptomatic persons who are carriers of the disease, according to current knowledge, can spread the condition to others. As a result, it is always advisable to take precautions. If non-essential moving services are resumed, they should be done such that COVID-19 transmission is monitored. Several requirements specified here must be followed in order to prevent transmission from resuming. Just DIAL US now for FREE CONSULTATION with our moving experts.

    Vaccinated movers in Dubai

    Measures for Moving and Other Workplaces that the Government Recommends

    Unless more stringent precautions are indicated, the government’s recommended preventative measures for the general public and fundamental recommendations for all workplaces apply. Pregnant employees and workers with particular medical problems should be given special consideration. Take a look at the suggestions below:

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    With Severe Chronic Illnesses, movers and packers

    By limiting the chance of the virus spreading, these instructions hope to safeguard movers and packers who must enter houses, as well as clients, relatives, and the general public. For all moves, precautions should be taken. Although there is a possibility of transmission via surfaces and objects, it is now regarded as low on a worldwide scale. Having close touch within two meters is the primary danger for movers during a relocation.


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    Work Mode and Time Scheduling

    To preserve our relocating staff’s health, we urge that they follow isolation guidelines (return from trip, COVID-19 cases, case contacts) and consider other factors (voluntary school attendance, limited public transportation, etc.):

    Allow for hours that are flexible.

    Examine the tasks to see if they can be completed on your own, in a small group, or using the new distance criterion.

    Worker Triage

    Workers should be told not to come to work if they exhibit COVID-19 symptoms. Before the start of each shift, all employees can complete a symptom questionnaire. It is not advised to take a series of temperature readings before beginning work. If used, this measure should be done with prudence and understanding of the detection limits for COVID-19 patients, among other things:

    Fever is not present in all cases of COVID-19.

    The temperature varies a lot during the day, so there’s a chance you’ll get a false negative. Fever-relieving medications (e.g., acetaminophen; ibuprofen) and cold or hot beverages may have an impact on the outcome. The margin of error for some temperature measurement instruments, such as contactless instruments, can be rather large. Furthermore, the employees who take the temperature must be properly trained and protected (gloves, procedural mask, and eye protection).

    Clients should also be advised not to enter the workplace if they are experiencing symptoms. If a customer or employee begins to exhibit symptoms at work, If one is available, have him put on a procedure mask and confine him to a room set aside for this purpose. . Return to the isolation room with a copy of the paper guide. Employees who have come into touch with the sick individual should keep track of their own symptoms. Call 800-11111 to reach the Ministry of Health and Prevention, 800-342 to reach the Department of Health – Dubai Health Authority, and 800-1717 to reach Abu Dhabi.

    Preparation for the Move: Preventative Measures

    Prior to the Transition

    Provide the following information to the customer at the time of the contract to tell them of the preventative actions to be taken:


    If you have a person with COVID-19 or symptoms linked with the condition in your house (see table below), the first advise is to put off any non-essential move, especially if you have susceptible persons or COVID-19 symptoms.

    • Before the vaccinated movers in Dubai arrive, clean all surfaces with the usual cleaning products. Pay attention to door and cabinet handles, switches, taps, etc.
    • Open the doors to rooms and wardrobes and turn on the lights.
    • Provide only one family member on site to welcome and guide the movers. Keep a minimum distance of 2 meters from the movers.
    • If you do the packing yourself, be sure to prepare the boxes before the movers arrive.
    • When possible, place boxes and smaller objects at the entrance to the home or home to limit the comings and goings of movers in the rooms.
    • Provide a pen for signing the contract.

    On Arrival in a New Accommodation

    • Provide for the presence of only one person to welcome and guide the movers.
    • Make sure in advance that there is no one with symptoms suggestive of the disease.
    • Use the usual cleaning products to clean all surfaces that may have come into contact with previous occupants. Pay attention to door and cabinet handles, switches, taps, etc.
    • Wash your hands before and after unpacking the boxes and dispose of them as they are recycled.

    During the Move

    • When arriving at the homes (departure and destination), use the usual cleaning products to clean the door handles and switches.
    • Avoid bringing your hands to your face and wash your hands often, in particular:
    • After handling furniture and household items when packing or moving;
    • Before and after eating. If the weather permits, avoid eating inside the truck.
    • The usual practice of wearing work gloves when a person is moving is to be maintained.
    • Remove the gloves before entering the passenger compartment of the vehicle and place them in a resealable bag or container;
    • Wash your hands with soap and water or with an alcohol-based solution each time the gloves are removed;
    • Put the gloves back on outside of the vehicle interior as needed for normal moving tasks.
    • Make sure that the work tools remain in the box of the truck and not in the passenger compartment.

    After the Move

    Clean and then disinfect the dashboard, steering wheel, transmission arm and door handles of the truck with the usual products or disinfectant wipes regularly during the shift, especially before eating (if inside the truck) and in the event that a rotation of drivers and co -pilots becomes necessary.

    Remove Personal Protective Equipment

    Remove the gloves and put them in a bag to wash them with the clothes at the end of the day. Wash your hands with a hydro alcoholic solution;

    Remove eye protection (if worn) and disinfect it as well as the place where it was placed while awaiting disinfection with a product suitable for the equipment;

    Wash Your Hands with a Hydro alcoholic Solution

    Remove the mask by taking it by the elastic bands without touching the paper and throw it away after use in a hermetically sealed bag and finish by washing your hands with a hydro alcoholic solution;

    Discard the Bag in Which the Gloves and Mask

    Wash hands with soap and water (soap at least 20 seconds before rinsing) or use a hydro alcoholic solution after the procedure.

    Hope you clear all your confusions regarding moving during COVID-19. And for more our vaccinated movers in Dubai facilitate you in ease.

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