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Actually, home moving job in DUBAI can get tricky and tedious, Unique home Dubai Relocation Company understands that it is natural to have questions! Here is our effort to help you out. No matter if it is question regarding your house, office, villa relocation (in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Ras Al Khor, Ajman, Fujairah) paint or storage services. Otherwise, if you have doubts regarding our policies and pricing. All answers can be found here. Our FAQ section has an assortment of commonly asked questions. Check out the section below as we might have already answered some of your queries.

Why should I choose Unique Home Shifting?

Unique Home Dubai Relocation Company is an outstanding and exceedingly famous name in the relocation services in Dubai, UAE. We have an exceptionally prepared staff for pressing, unloading, stacking, emptying, and transportation of merchandise. Most sheltered and secure bundling material and holders are utilized in order to guarantee the well-being of the things that are being moved. It certainly has made our repute as Best Relocation Company in Dubai, UAE region.

What are my duties during the moving procedure?

Moving in Dubai, How to do? Dubai Relocation Company’s Advice:

You don’t need to take stress during the packing and moving procedure. You simply need to share specific details about which goods we should pack and move for you. It is proposed that you talk about this altogether with us before or on the spot with our field officer.

Things to expect when moving 

To begin, our professional movers will conduct a review of the things you plan to relocate in order to finalize the rate and ensure that all of your conditions are met. They’ll disassemble and pack things on the day of the transfer. Also, move them in a secure moving truck to your new home. Later on, unpack and reassemble it until they arrive, unless you want to do everything yourself. Allow at least 1 day for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment and 2 days for bigger moves while planning the shift. Your moving company will assist you in the process, and we are always available to answer any questions you might have!

Make a calm move with Dubai Relocation Company!

Leave your apartment in the same condition as you entered it when you first moved in. Our moving company staff will assist you with receiving a full refund of your deposit.

Landlords bill renters for the expense of restoring and replacing damaged walls, doors, curtain frames, and other items that do not fall into the category of usual wear and tear. And the estimated cost of these workers could deplete your security deposit. Our professional movers will return your home to its original state at a cheaper price.

We have a full range of moving services to return your old location to its original condition. From painting to carpentry to masonry to furniture disposal, you can rely on us to make your move as painless as possible.

Our packing services can be used on their own or in conjunction with our relocation services. We’re just a phone call away; contact us for a free moving estimate.

What items or things can’t be stacked on the vehicle?

Such items as inflammable, pets, fluids and so forth won’t be permitted to be stacked on the transportation vehicle. This is as per the law strictly followed by all home shifting companies in Dubai.

How much time a pre-move survey takes?

A pre-move survey could take between 2 to 4 hours relying on the nature and the quantity of the things to be moved.

Do you charge for the survey?

No, before actual moving and shifting the survey is totally free of cost. Unique home relocation company will bear all expenses.